Just of "Hakkaman"

A great FLAIR third-generation engineer who says that a mastering engineer is similar to a translator. Client requests(especially from artists)are sometimes abstract, and sometimes emotional. Such requests are first translated into the engineer’s language of Hz and dB, then retranslated into sound. In doing so, he avoids liberal translations that resemble the overly friendly subtitles of a movie. But a simple, literal translation doesn’t make sense either. One also must not indulge in one’s individual style of translation.
Two points are important: the first is to understand the essence of a request; and the second is to read between the lines. “It’s part of our job to also find the true meaning hidden behind the words.” He then finishes the job with the skills backed up by a diverse career from his time as a recording engineer. His ‘analog-ness’ of reproducing original sound is outstanding, precisely because he knows all raw sound.
His calm personality in contrast with a stoic spirit searching for perfection in a world that knows no correct answers is also appealing. A translator receives an original work and simultaneously sends it out to a reader. He therefore always takes the end user into account and as a result of his cool judgment doesn’t shy away from suggesting alternative routes. And that’s exactly why he is so trustworthy. He even contemplates the listening environment for clients and artists coming to the studio and considers the smallest detail, down to the size of his own chair’s backrest.


He was born in 1970. In his childhood, he was a heretical child who dreamed of being an architect and ceaselessly drew up blueprints, but at one point, maddening horn music reached the youngster.His spirit of wanting to make a better sound than anyone else has stayed with him to the present. While thinking that "holding responsibility for the sound allows the best music to begin," he always is enjoying his work.Devoted to keeping in shape and staying healthy through jogging and swimming. His former hobby of fishing is currently on hold, but he hopes to one day return to it.

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