Highly-Advanced Mastering
Technology Developed By FLAIR

For Higher Quality Audio From Hi-Fi Sources

Close Encounters of
the Third Kind

This is an epoch-making mastering technology which can pack the original attractive sound quality of master sources in each media with the information of quite wide frequency range up to 100kHz and high resolution of 24bit based upon K2 High Definition coding technology.In case of CD mastering, it can realize very high sound quality CD which never existed before by packing the information of 192kHz and 24bit in CD master format of 44.1kHz and 16bit.

With open stance,FLAIR is providing the " K2HD MASTERING" which is based upon K2HD Coding technology.It is a popular technique for not only inner use but also other labeles and music genres.
"K2HD MASTERING" has got a excellent quality of sound by the optimized processing algorithm and processor unit. So, we announce the evolved new stage named "K2HD PRO MASTERING".


It depends on the master sources. *In case of completed master sources such as "Analog Masters" with attractive original sound, it can keep all the information included in the master sources without any change.
*In case of Digital master sources(3/4U-matic,DAT etc.)in which the information or sound quality has already changed compared with the original masters, it can reproduce the sound quite close to the original.
*In case of master sources which need higher sound quality, it can be realized in an active and creative way.

"K2HD PRO MASTERING" requires engineers to have enough skills in handling the equipments knowing well the special character of "K2 High Definition Coding", coping with the various situations such as the status of provided master formats, in judging the sound quality, and the best approach depending on the music genres and contents.
"K2HD PRO MASTERING" can exist only by the engineers' manpower with high judgment for sound quality, and high skills which can match it best to the sound sources to be mastered.
"K2HD PRO MASTERING" is possible only in FLAIR(Victor Studio)which has many creative mastering engineers with a lot of experiences and its unique know-how in making high-spec sound.



The main purpose of "K2HD PRO MASTERING" is to reproduce the charms packed in the original master sources as much as possible. It is especially effective for the reproduction of rich ambience and sound reality. Particularly it's recommended for jazz and classical music full of sound reality played by acoustic instruments.
The direction of completed sound depends on the contents of masters but as a whole, it will be with a lot of analog taste full of depth which is soft as well as with high frequency range. Therefore, it's best for mastering of old master sources.


The process of K2HD PRO MASTERING is the same as the one of normal mastering.
There's no special restriction for the format of original master sources or the completed format after mastering. The sound sources can be exchanged through Internet as well.
In case of CD manufacturing, as the master sound quality becomes much better by K2HD PRO MASTERING, it will be possible to manufacture high quality CDs even if the process after mastering is the same as usual.
Of course, it's possible to play such CDs on normal CD players, which can show enough effect of K2HD PRO MASTERING.

STEP1:Informing of E-mail address for data transfer from customers to FLAIR
STEP2:Informing of Driver for DigiDelivery named "Client Software", Password & Account from FLAIR to customers
STEP3:Sending sound source data from customers to FLAIR


Epoch-making new mastering technology which can pack the original attractive sound quality of master sources brought out by mastering engineers' sensitivity and skill in each media with the information of quite wide range up to 100kHz and high resolution of 24bit based upon K2 High Definition coding technology.

The following points are necessary for K2HD PRO MASTERING
*Mastering engineers with high sensitivity for sounds and enough skill
*Attractive pieces of music
*Master sound sources with enough informatio

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K2 High Definition Coding

New technology developed by JVC group(JVC&Victor Entertainment)which can pack the information of wide frequency range up to 100kHz and high resolution of 24bit into lower format.
This is a part of "K2 technology" which is JVC's original technology for higher digital sound quality started in 1987.
In CD's case, it is possible to pack the information of 192kHz&24bit into the format of 44.1kHz&16bit.

K2 technology

In 1987, JVC and Victor Musical Industries started to cooperate with each other to improve the digital sound quality, and developed this "K2 technology" as JVC's original.
To begin with "K2 interface", innovative technology to cancel fundamentally the elements out of signals such as "jitter and ripple" added at the time of transmission of digital signals which affect much the sound quality, this technology has been active in various professional recording and mastering studios as essential technology to stabilize and improve the sound quality by removing various factors which might affect the sound quality in the process of data transmission or change of media.JVC is proud of this technology including the newest "netK2" and "K2HD coding" toward all over the world which is evolving day by day.

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