Center of the ROCK

His motto is “quickly producing good sound.” Quickness means a broad horizon. This broad horizon means that whenever one door closes, you can see many other doors open. It also indicates the ability to solve problems. Good sound results from abundant experience. Most of his creations from when he was a recording engineer are backed up by his achievements in having worked on them himself until the mastering stage, as well as by his having won the Professional Music Recording Award of JAPAN. High standards produce high results. However quickness does not exist for Uchida’s sake, and good sound isn’t defined by him. Both exist for and are determined by the client and artist.
The first step in any project is to present a beta version in the shortest time possible in order to save the greatest amount of time for improving and for allowing both client and artist to decide. What enables this ‘shortest amount’ is his experience of having mastered one album per day on average. The superb ability to imagine the final sound after mixing has been completed. What is necessary within the ‘longest amount’ is communication, and in this, he demonstrates his superb ability to hear the essence of every single one of the client’s words.
His pride as a mastering engineer is comprised by “It is my destiny to produce sound conveying a song’s essence, whether someone listens to it in High-Res, as an MP3, or on TV. In other words, to send it out into the world as it was meant to be.”


Member of Victor Studio since 1988. Having worked as a recording engineer, he began his career as a mastering engineer in 2006. He responds to even the most detailed requests, as well as to conflicting ones, and possesses a flexible way of thinking and attitude that allow him to also serve as a guide to the perfect result. One of his characteristics is that many clients/artists return to work with him again.

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