about FLAIR

The importance of mastering will not remain the same.The expectations towards bountiful knowledge,know-how of particulars,vivid intuition, and experience will only become higher. FLAIR will keep running by reacting to that responsibility and the importance of our mission.


Since December 1st.2000, FLAIR started for the entire music industry. What we(FLAIR)emphasize is not equipment or the system but their "personality".


FLAIR have six members. Because of these people, we correspond to a wide range of categories and satisfy the highest finish and customer satisfaction.


FLAIR do not have general sound color. Our engineers respectively have their own genres they are good at as well as originality found in nobody else.


Because we provide technical support corroborated by FLAIR's years of experience and accumulated knowledge, we can deliver absolute piece of mind.


FLAIR's equipment is constructed by carefully selecting things that match the idiosyncrasies of careful character. With back-up equipment, we promise an even more high-power basis for your work.


FLAIR can deal with everything flexibly. Please consult with us freely about schedule or cost concerns.


FLAIR are always keep on eyes the latest systems. FLAIR aims always at the cutting edge.


FLAIR's thoughts do not stop at just sound and music. We also pay attention to increasingly diverse media and composite formats, as well as non-package distribution. Our common sense towards mastering that supports all entertainment content will grow larger.

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