215 : Hiroshi Kawasaki

  • The wizard in a flash
  • His career spanning close to a quarter of a century tells of his sensitivities and his technique. In an instant he grasps the point of a song, and in working on it his technique and sense pours an optimum amount of essence into the song as if the work of the gods. He always sets his sights on a work that satisfies his client, moves the end user's emotions, and is full of his heart. Holding his relations with artists and producers in the highest regard, his technique and achievements, which embody that intention, are first class. He is a young veteran who makes use even of his experience in the analog era.
    On the other hand, he adapts his computer to his particular needs, and his knowledge of digital technology is deep. He is a regular prize winner of those involved in the Professional Music Recording Award of Japan.
    The major scene cannot part with his polished technique and his romanticism that tells of music as a dream.

Beginning with fishing in rivers in his childhood, he has more than thirty years of fishing experience. As of now, he entrusts his romance in black sea bream. In his "home field" of Tokyo harbor, his biggest catch is 49 centimeters. Corroborated by such ability, perhaps he is in the middle of establishing "a no-charge consulting firm for black sea bream fishing"? On top of that, his talent in photography is curiously good. Is his photograph of the night-lights from New York's Empire State Building his masterpiece?