211 : Takahiro Uchida

  • Center of the ROCK
  • With a charismatic existence as a recording engineer in part of the rock music world, he made magnificent achievements, but changed work to be a mastering engineer. He also went so far as to have mastered most of the works in his recording engineer years. Both himself and his peers acknowledge him as a powerful "ProTooler." Substantiated by his achievement of receiving the Professional Music Recording Award of Japan, while believing in the fundamental of basically creating a "good sound," he also demonstrates his ability in making a radical sound overflowing with individuality. While centering on rock music, he possesses a musical open-mindedness that can deal with a broad range of genres from pops to fusion. At any rate, he always turns his eyes to the spread of information and industry trends. He also has an established opinion on surround sound production. Cases of people using ProTools for mastering have surged, and especially now when the boundary between mixing mastering has become vague he is viewed as an essential figure.

From 1988 he belonged to Victor Studio.
Centering on rock genre bands he participated in numerous recording sessions.
He established the original style of employing MIDI data and sample sound sources at an early stage, but at the introduction of ProTools he instantly made the switch.
From then on, he extended his hands to mastering and gradually felt that there were unlimited possibilities in it.
In the fall of 2005, he made the resolute decision to solely pursue mastering and leave the recording craft behind him.

His concentrated work in 211 ROOM has started since the beginning of 2006.