213 : Kazushige Yamazaki

  • The Cutting Edge
  • Anyone will acknowledge he is a leader for next generation media, and the main battlefield in that war is Blu-ray,DVD. With a determined approach to advancing esoteric formats, he can master them in an instant.
    He wields a combination of superior skills, a spirit of pursuit, and an unrelenting effort. His mastery of existing two channel systems does not even need mention, but there is also no gap in the extent of his knowledge of high-spec media and multi-channel systems. In addition, he has the unique ability to put polish on top of brilliance as well as an editing technique of the gods, and he always brings the finish to the highest point. In spite of that, he has the intention of deeply respecting the sound of the master and the original sound.
    As a critical player looking toward next generation formats, he obtains overwhelming support from the industry.

Ironclad rule 1: Without trifling with schemes or policies, inspiration decides victory or defeat.
Ironclad rule 2: In aiming for a greater production, the courage to not try to improve anything is a requisite (faithful reproduction of the original sound is the greatest technique).
Ironclad rule 3: Perform smooth finishing touches on two channel classical recordings / sources with Hard Disc edits.
Many works have been mastered by 213's multi-channel monitor system, which is not only the basis of FLAIR but also widely and absolutely trusted in the industry as a sound monitor standard.
Treating the standard two-channel speakers (Front L and R) generally used for tone quality judgment as a base, we introduce center, back, and subwoofer speakers. In addition, by unifying the three-way system speakers, which have the same crossover characteristic as the main speakers, we implement an ideal monitor environment with no phase differences.
GENELEC 1033A x 2 ( FRONT L / R )
GENELEC 1037B x 2 ( REAR L / R )
By putting the center speaker which affects operation of usual stereo monitors on an elevator system, two-channel monitors and multi-channel monitors can coexist together.
With concern to the typical monitor user's environment where it is difficult to place speakers according to the ITU standard, we have prepared the rear surround subspeaker to broaden the audible area for the easier reappearance of speaker systems in the home environment.
We introduce the possibility of combining multiple speakers freely with high quality custom monitor consoles.