212 : Takeshi Hakamata

  • Just of "Hakkaman"
  • FLAIR's third generation engineer hero wields diverse weaponry. With diverse studio works as a recording engineer, the achievements of knowing everything about hall recording from the sound of the instruments to the reverberations of acoustic spaces, and editing works surpassing that of everyone else, his power to deal with increasingly complex systems, equipment and so forth should be surprising. All of these are actively being employed. He is an ultra-fundamentalist who treats the music as his own, and more than anything else, tries to preserve the original sound. Despite his good manners, his skin and ears with which has experienced and come to know completely the sounds of life are first class. His broad set of skills, which are never short in supply in the mastering room, never fail at making new, increasingly diverse music.

He was born in 1970. In his childhood, he was a heretical child who dreamed of being an architect and ceaselessly drew up blueprints, but at one point, maddening horn music reached the youngster.

His spirit of wanting to make a better sound than anyone else has stayed with him to the present. While thinking that "holding responsibility for the sound allows the best music to begin," he always is enjoying his work.