214 : Kotaro Kojima

  • The mastering phenomenon
  • He keeps the quality high without question of genre. In particular, he demonstrates ability for rock and R&B genres worthy of special mention. Yet, despite saying that, he also has deep knowledge of fusion and L.A. sound. He has experienced long stays in both England and America, and his origins in music can be found there. He is evaluated as having senses somehow distant from that of Japanese person as well as his own lofty sound. Above all else he is always conscious of his client's situation and never fails to be attentive.

    With a strong meditative pose for hardware domain, he actively proposes improvements that anticipate even the finish. In addition to the speed of his intuitive powers and his good technique, he gains tremendous respect from his clients with his gentle demeanor. If you are taken in with him once, you'll recognize his inescapable charm.

At age 18 he went to England. From 1988 he spent six years in America. At an L.A. studio he learned the fundamentals of studio work and became acquainted with the workings of American recording. After returning to Japan, he piled up another ten years of work as a mastering engineer. His hobby is watching motor sports. Dangling his press pass, he does things like showing up at paddocks and sneaking into the F1 Ferrari team's parties through the back entrance. He is like a phantom, appearing at unexpected times in unexpected places.