222 : Ichiro Tanaka

  • Perfect Stability
  • He is an "ultra-veteran" with numerous certain accomplishments and over thirty years of experience. He's been Working only for JVC's inner programs for a long time. From 2005 onward he has been active in much wider industry activities. He wields know-how of the peculiarities of all systems, from analog to digital.
    He has complete mastery of currently existing equipment. In addition, he is also very proactive in bringing in new systems. With his sense for sound production, his smart skill and accuracy of quality checking is FLAIR's finest. He has outstanding talent in that he can listen to the music and divide it from its sound quality at the same time. He is one who deeply respects the master recording sources that he brings in.

    He possesses people skills almost unthinkable for a veteran. He is conscious even of costs. He demonstrates high performance towards everything and is certain to provide results. He is "The Ichiro" of the mastering world.

In his childhood he was raised in Nagano. FEN, which he listened to in that time, became the starting point for his today's music.
A tape recorder bought for him in his grade school years was the impetus that brought him to his current situation.
With no regard to his status as a veteran (a status which everyone will admit), he never tears down his humble attitude, saying that he learns something new every day.

In his off time, he volunteers with maintaining Mt. Sato. By clearing bamboo or removing beehives, he sheds sweat to reset his body and spirit, and that reset is the source of his wonderful music production power.